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Gasp, scissors! Oh no! Rosedale is beautiful. Best of luck finishing her. Thanks for ripping and fixing along with us all. I'm certainly continuing into March, so I'm glad I'm not alone. ;0)


Ooh, the sock looks great. I am just starting on Darin's 2nd sock - they may just be finished before Spring - wouldn't that be nice. I also love the colours of Butterful - so pretty. Hope that you are better and that we'll see you tonight!!! Looking forward to hearing about the snow.


your sock looks great! what pattern did you use? i'm looking to start on my second pair of socks and i'd like to try something different. we've got another free dinner tonight! twice in one week! i love it when the head honchos come into town! see you at the next meeting with a bunch of vidoes for you! ;D


I like your summer reading selection. I've got two of those books, myself - Nickeled and Dimed and Eat, Drink and Be Healthy. Good books. They're both pretty good eye-openers. There are some really good recipes at the end of Eat, Drink and Be Healthy, too. I especially recommend the multi-grain bread recipe, whose exact name I forget. If you're into nutrition and social issues like those discussed in Nickeled and Dimed, I highly recommend Fast Food Nation, too. Enjoyed reading your site (which I stumbled upon while circumnavigating the globe one click at a time).

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